2018-2019 OHSPA Committee Chairs 


Community Events

Fall Festival & Marketplace – Amy Flanigan

Art Fair Breakfast – Kathy Lathrop & Amy Flanigan

Spring Carnival – Jana Kammeyer & Erica Kelm

OHES Fall Book Fair – Megan Meinerding  & Rebecca McLean

OHES Winter Book Fair – Sally McQueen & Jen Wagoner

Celebrity Wait Night - Tatum Lenavitt & OPEN POSITION of OHTMA Representative

OHSPA Member Luncheon – Monica Peterson (Co-Chair OPEN POSITION)



A-Frames – Sandy Hupp

School Supply Packets – Elle Cotterman & Alison Krieger

OHES Bake Sale – Luciane Penrod & Erica Kelm

JH/HS Open House -- President & Vice President

Student Directory – Heather Phillips (Directory), Patti Robb (Ads)

Event DVD Sales – Sherry Brancatto

6th Grade Graduation – OPEN POSITION

7th Grade Account Rep - Amy Flanigan

8th Grade Account Rep - Katie Talbott


Hot Lunch Fundraiser  

Lunch Treasurer – Penny Clark


OHES Lunch Vendors/Orders - Katie Timmers & Katy Walters

OHES Lunch Volunteers – Amy Szyperski

OHES Lunch Supplies – Paula Sweeney (Co-Chair OPEN POSITION)


JH/HS Lunch Vendors/Ordering – Dee Dolsey

JH/HS Lunch Volunteers –  

JH/HS Lunch Concession Window – Paula Sweeney


Community Reward Programs

Box Tops – Katie Dougherty & Heather Phillips

Amazon Smiles – Board Secretary/Kelly Schaeffer

Kroger Card – Board Secretary/Kelly Shaeffer


Faculty/Staff Appreciation Luncheons

OHES Staff Welcome Lunch - Jen Wagoner & Katie Timmers

OHES Staff Appreciation Lunch – Amy Szyperski (Co-Chair OPEN POSITION)

JH/SH Staff Welcome Lunch - Katie Talbott

JH/HS Staff Appreciation Lunch – Lauren McCaffery


Organizational Support  

Advisor – Jen Wagoner

Auditor – Katie Timmers (Co-Auditor OPEN POSITION)

Director of Disbursement Requests – Heather Phillips

Newsletter – Beth Leeds

School Board Liaison – Maara Fink

Webmaster & Social Media – Board Secretary/Kelly Schaeffer

Kindergarten Board Liaison - Jen Wagoner & Alison Krieger


Nominating Committee

Chair - Past President - Megan Meinerding

President - Lauri Cooper

Vice President - Carrie Connolly

Member of General Membership - Elle Cotterman

Member of General Membership - Chrissy Deiger





Upcoming Events