Dear Parents and Guardians of Students of Ottawa Hills Schools,


By now I hope all of you know that, as a parent of an Ottawa Hills student, you are automatically a voting member of OHSPA, the Ottawa Hills Schools Parent Association. OHSPA is a support organization that funds items requested by the faculty and administration of Ottawa Hills Schools.  OHSPA provides funds for things like playground equipment, special movement chairs, support for school clubs and memberships, and assistance with educationally-enriched student travel.  Attending OHSPA meetings will allow you to help decide how the funds are spent. OHSPA meetings also provide first-hand knowledge of what is going on at the Ottawa Hills Schools directly from our School Administrators. 

OHSPA raises funds by hosting fun, family events that bring us (the parents and guardians) together with faculty, staff and administration of Ottawa Hills Schools. These events include the Fall Festival, Book Fairs, and the Spring Carnival, to name a few.  

Your participation in OHSPA sponsored events is so important and we hope you will consider volunteering your time for events. Please look for ways to get involved at


So whether you are an Ottawa Hills native or new family to the Village - we want you to be involved!


Looking forward to a fun and exciting year.


Lauri Cooper

OHSPA President

2018-19 School Year



Upcoming Events